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Financial Aid 101

If you are planning on attending a U.S. college or university, chances are you will require financial assistance to help pay for your education. Today, most students cannot afford to pay for college without some form of financial aid. In fact, over 66% of U.S. undergraduate students leave school with some debt, and their average debt is approximately $21,000.

Financial aid comes in many forms, from scholarships and grants, which are competitive or need-based awards that do not require repayment, to loans, which require principal and interest repayment. While grants and scholarships are attractive options, they often will not cover the complete cost of higher education. Many students, therefore, complete their aid packages with private loans.

Yet international students face significant barriers to securing financial aid. Because loan eligibility is determined by a borrower's ability to repay accumulated loan debt, U.S. lenders typically require a U.S.-based cosigner to share responsibility for a student's loan. Without the ability to borrow for their education, many international students are unable to meet U.S. immigration authorities' ability to pay rules. Despite their academic credentials, without the ability to pay for a year of college up front or a U.S. citizen to guarantee their loan, many international students are denied immigration approval and are unable to attend a U.S. school.

Global Student Loan Corporation has created programs in the past to offer international students a comprehensive student loan without requiring a U.S. cosigner. Although we currently don't have any active student loan programs we are still communicating with colleges, universities, and others throughout the U.S. to help deliver state-of-the-art loan options in the near future.

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