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Responsible Borrowing

Ready to head off to college?  What an exciting time, full of new experiences and opportunities. As you navigate your way toward a successful career, it will be critical to keep a watchful eye on your responsibilities as a loan recipient. Because the ramifications of irresponsible borrowing can be long-lasting and serious, here are some helpful tips.

First, take a realistic look at your costs and borrow responsibly. Student loans, like other loans, have a direct impact on your credit rating. Taking on more than the necessary debt will only lead to larger loan payments in the future.

Structure your repayment plan to best meet your needs. Once you commit to a repayment schedule, stick to it and be sure to make your payments on time. If you transfer schools or relocate for any reason, notify your lender or loan servicer so that your bills can be sent to you at your new address. If you have a guarantor for your loan, remember that the person's credit and future borrowing ability will be impacted by your repayment behavior.

It's your credit and responsibility. Maximize the benefits of borrowing to create a strong future for yourself and your guarantor.

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